19 - 21 September 2017
Palais des Congrès

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To do Status Date
Your company’s profile Information for the website and the official catalogue To be completed 24 Aug
Your exhibitor badges Fill-in your exhibitor’s badges Not available 7 Sep
Your products Enhance your products Not available 23 Aug
Invitation cards Invite your clients and prospects to visit your stand To be completed 19 Sep
Upload your logo Upload here your logo for the web and print To be completed 23 Aug
Your products’ pictures Upload here your products pictures To be completed 23 Aug
GazClip (workshops) Enhance your expertise during 45 minutes Not available 28 Aug
To consult or download Status Date
Mediakit - -
Exhibitors’ important information - -

My stand

To do Status Date
I download the exhibitor’s guide All information for my booth set up To download -
You additional fitting(s) I order additional fitting(s) Not available -
My booth is set up by... I give the contact details of my standbuilder or I am autonomous for building To be completed 18 Aug
Access / delivery information To be completed 15 Sep
Safety instructions To download -
To download Status Date
Schedules To download -
Official suppliers You would like to order furniture or be assisted by hostess or logistic materials... To be read -
Insurance and prevention To download -
Visual of stand and useful dimensions To be read -
Exhibition’s plan ExpoGaz 2017 To be read -